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The Vitality Revolution


Imagine getting up every morning with a new sense of purpose and energy galore? No more feeling sluggish, lost, powerless or stuck in a rut.

The Vitality Revolution is all about pressing 'reset'on your daily rituals, routines and most importantly - mindset. It gives you all the tools and guidance needed to ditch bad habits, emotional patterns and the relationships that are holding you back. It'll reset your place in a simple, do-able way too - NO DIET, just good, clean, delicious eating for a healthier, more energised YOU.

So, why do I call it a Revolution?
Because it's not just about feeling better. It's about rebuilding ourselves - from the inside out - so we are emotionally stronger and more resilient no matter what life throws at us. It's about loving food and strengthening our bodies as we age - especially as we age. 

The Vitality Revolution brings together a community of women learning how to reclaim their personal power so they can live a more joyful, healthier, sexier life. If you're a busy mum, an exhausted small business owner or you're simply heading into a new phase of YOU - The Vitality Revolution is your pathway to a more invigorated and emotionally centred life. 

Let me show you...
The Vitality Revolution
The Vitality Revolution is for women who no longer want to feel STUCK, who know deep down they could be squeezing so much more out of life.
You’ll fall in love with food again, identify self-sabotaging patterns (we all have them!) and learn ways to create deeper connections with loved ones.
You’ll learn to commit to a gratitude practise that actually sticks – and why it really matters to you – and why self-care goes so SO much deeper than yoga (right?).

So, how to find extra time to reset and recharge your life, you say?

Here's the secret: It takes NO EXTRA TIME. We will swap old habits for new rituals and routines. Simple as that. All you have to do is come along, commit and let me show you how. You're going to learn how to prioritise only what matters to YOU and the things that add value to your life.

The Vitality Revolution is for you if:

  • You feel stuck or blocked in one - or many - areas of your life. You’re craving purpose and the energy and passion to push things along.
  • You’re thinking “Self-care? What self-care?”
  • Life feels like it’s going around in circles – “When are things going to feel better/ easier for me?”

  • You’ve lost a sense of joy and optimism.
  • You’re tired of trying to wrap your head around the latest food fads – you NEED your diet to be simple, delicious AND nutritious! (But mostly simple, let’s be honest)
  • You crave deeper connections with the ones you love – your partner, children, family, your friends, your lover.

  • Saying No or asking for what you want or need, feels difficult.
  • You know it’s time to bring sexy back! You want to feel more alive to sex and have your deepest desires met.
  • You crave a community of women to connect with, learn from and become your vitality tribe as you forge a new path for yourself toward a healthier, more joyful, more emotionally resilient YOU.

So who is behind 


I am glad you asked!

I am Amy Crawford. 

I am the founder of the online wellness hub The Holistic Ingredient, a practitioner of EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, CTC Master Therapist, Reiki Master, qualified Health Coach and Human Design devotee. I'm also more than mad for essential oils, and my labradoodle Wilson.

For 18 years I worked my backside off building business for others (and myself) in a corporate industry that did little to light my inner fire.
Slowly but surely, my health imploded and by my late 30's I was bed ridden with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and toxicity readings off the Richter Scale. I'd burnt myself out on a treadmill of candle burning, feelings of not being good enough and a never-ending spiral of pushing (and not listening to my body.)

At 40 years of age, as I recovered and started to navigate my way back into the world, I came to learn the true meaning of vitality. Week by week, I gently nursed my life back to a place of THRIVING. That's why I call this a 'revolution' because you're not just going to feel better, you're going to feel like you're taking on your health, mindset and emotions in a completely new way and enjoy new outcomes. If you're ready for a personal revolution, I'm so happy to show you how to do it. 

I'm here to share what I've have done over the years to turn my life around and the everyday rituals that revitalise and recharge me. Together, we will see real results in real time. I'm a hand holder, so if it feels like a lot to embark on - don't worry, I'm here for you every step of the way, week by week. 

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